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If a home shows well and is priced well, it should not sit in this market!

In this frenzied seller's market, achieving the best possible outcome when selling your home is pretty simple. It comes down to proper pricing and ensuring it's viewed (physically and online) by as many qualified buyers as possible. 

Here are the two rules to follow if you want the most money for the sale:

1. List Under Market Value

As you can see in the chart below, there are negative consequences for overpricing your home. Listing it for sale above market value almost ensures fewer interested buyers taking a look.

2. Use an Experienced Seller's Agent

Seller's who sell their own homes receive far less money for their property than those who use an agent. The data:

Scenario using the data above

FSBO Sale = $210,000

Home Sold by Agent $249,000 - $14,940 (hypothetical 6% agent commission) = $234,060


Other things you should consider

  1. Experience matters. Hiring Galbreath Real Estate will ensure you're in the optimal position to receive the best price, terms and conditions for your transaction. (Click here to see our record of success)

  2. Homes with professional photos sell for $19,000 more. (Our seller clients enjoy a media strategy that includes professional photos at no additional cost.)

  3. There are 184 tasks that your seller's agent performs for you. Do you really want to take it upon yourself to perform all of them and take home less money after the sale?

  4. When interviewing agents, beware of those who "buy listings," which happens when an agent is hired after convincing the seller their home is worth more than it really is, in order to get the business. It's unethical, but it happens a lot.

If you'd like to start the conversation about your real estate needs, click here and we'll be happy to set up a free consult at a most convenient time.